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When storms blow in from the West, Colorado’s cows move the opposite way to stay ahead of the bad weather. But slow cows can’t outrun storms, and they end up stuck in the rain, wind, snow and hail. In contrast, buffalo always run directly into approaching storms. As the storms blow in, the buffalo charge through them, quickly passing out of the bad weather. They keep moving no matter how bad the storm. The lesson, courtesy of motivational expert Rory Vaden, is that when life’s storms arrive, don’t run away. Move directly into the worst weather. Confront your problems head-on, deal with them and have faith in your ability to deal with them. Vaden’s motivational manual offers a host of ideas – some super, some a little silly – and introduces the seven strategies of his “take the stairs” philosophy. He provides a step-by-step process you can use to free yourself of mediocrity and embrace self-discipline. To help readers take his uplifting counsel to heart, he includes action items at the end of each chapter. getAbstract recommends Vaden’s heartening, insightful guidance to anyone who’s new to self-help literature and who’s seeking greater composure, courage and accomplishment.

In this book, you will learn

  • What the “take the stairs mind-set” means in practical terms,
  • How to use the seven principles of this philosophy and
  • Why “self-discipline” is essential.

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