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The professional sports world is filled with athletes who have extraordinary talent and yet end up with mediocre careers. Of course, every field has people who have failed to achieve their individual talent potential. Why? Talent alone is not remarkable. In fact, it is commonplace. What is special is “talent plus,” the term leadership author John C. Maxwell uses to describe the achievement level of people who maximize their talents. Maxwell says you must add effort to talent to make it matter. He describes 13 sterling attributes people should strive to build within themselves to maximize their talents. getAbstract recommends his message to those who coach, mentor or encourage others. In any business or activity, Maxwell contends, talent “is only a starting point.” How you develop your talent is what counts, and this book will show you how.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why talent is meaningless without effort;
  • What “talent-plus” self-development entails; and
  • How to become a talent-plus person by building 13 important character traits.

About the Author

John C. Maxwell is an author and speaker on leadership. His books, which have sold more than 12 million copies, include The Difference Maker, Be All You Can Be and Failing Forward.



Are You a “Talent-Plus Person”?
Talent is ordinary. Everyone has talent of one sort or another. The trick is to develop and enhance your talents and maximize your abilities so you can reach your goals. You will accomplish more if you focus on improving your talents than you will if you...

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    Janne Ohtonen 7 years ago
    There is a strong point in this book. Talent is not enough in itself and you need to develop your talent to make it really useful. I recommend reading this book if you are interested in developing yourself further and taking your talents next step further. This abstract will give you the idea of this book and to start taking taking the steps towards "talent plus", you can order the whole version... I did!

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