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Talk Nerdy to Me summary
To communicate their ideas and research effectively, scientists and engineers must learn to “talk nerdy.”


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Scientists and engineers are society’s best hope for solving some of the world’s most complex, stubborn problems. Yet however intelligent these individuals are, they tend to be deficient in one important skill: effectively relaying their ideas and research to laypeople. Communications expert Melissa Marshall offers some much-needed tips to the whiz kids who frequently find their ideas met with blank faces. getAbstract recommends Marshall’s confident, well-packed presentation on “talking nerdy” to scientists, mathematicians, IT developers and engineers who need to pitch their erudite, esoteric concepts to laypeople.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why scientists and engineers ought to be able to communicate effectively,
  • Why some people find it daunting to understand them, and
  • How these specialists should get across their ideas.


When Pennsylvania State University invited communications expert Melissa Marshall to impart some communications tips to its engineering students, Marshall felt out of her depth. The scholars’ “big brains,” “big books” and “big, unfamiliar words” were intimidating and alien to her. However, Marshall ...
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About the Speaker

Melissa Marshall is a communications teacher at Penn State University.

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