Summary of The Art of Learning

A Journey in the Pursuit of Excellence

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The Art of Learning book summary
Practice doesn’t get you only to Carnegie Hall; it can get you anywhere.


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Author Josh Waitzkin has mastered two complex, esoteric disciplines: chess and tai chi, a martial art. He won national chess titles as a youth, and national and world championships in “push hands,” or partner tai chi. In this book he presents his theories about learning and high-level performance, using as a case study his own rise to excellence in highly competitive sports. Even without the theoretical speculation his story is engaging – but his theories make the book useful to anyone trying to learn a new skill. getAbstract recommends it to those who wish to raise their level of performance, find out about mind-body connections or enjoy a good story.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How people learn
  • How to train for excellence in any field
  • How to find calm regardless of the situation


Chess and Martial Arts: They’re Not as Different as They Seem
At first glance, chess and the tai chi practice of push hands – practicing with a partner – have few similarities. Chess is a densely intellectual board game of European origin in which various pieces move and interact in complex...
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About the Author

Josh Waitzkin is a national chess champion and a world champion in tai chi push hands.

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