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The Entrepreneurial Cat book summary
To the Entrepreneurial Cat, those annoying mice from "Who Moved My Cheese?" are just lunch.


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When an author such as entrepreneur Mary Hessler-Key shares her byline with a feline, you know what kind of book you’ve got. Yes, Hessler-Key has written a cute book, but it does have some sound advice, inspired - she says - by her cats. She noticed that Sheba and Jasper possessed qualities that every entrepreneur could use, and then captured their lessons, which are appealingly illustrated here. Before you write this off as a little ball of fluff, look at the thought-provoking questions that accompany her cat-inspired tips. You can read the book in no time and devote as much effort as you want to the intriguing questions, which will tell you more about yourself than you might think. getAbstract categorically recommends this book to anyone - entrepreneur or not - whose life could benefit from considering a cat’s worldview, including being curious, acting instinctively, grooming carefully, hunting persistently and keeping a watchful eye on both the mice and the dogs.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How cats’ actions mirror entrepreneurial behavior
  • Why you should jump at the right opportunity
  • How to assess whether your life has the proper balance.


Avoid a "Catastrophe"
Your cat, or the next nearest feline available to you, has some useful lessons to teach you about how to approach life, work and aggravation.

While you’re losing sleep over what everyone else thinks and wasting precious energy, creativity and peace...
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About the Authors

Mary Hessler-Key, Ph.D., owns Mary Hessler & Associates, an organizational development consulting firm. A speaker and facilitator, she is executive director of Inc. Magazine’s Magazine’s Eagles CEO Program, where she works with entrepreneurs from fast-growing companies. Jazzie the Cat lives in Tampa, Florida with the author.

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