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The Family Caregiver’s Manual book summary
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People today live longer than people did in previous generations, but many older people can’t afford institutionalized care. When they’re no longer able to care for themselves, they must rely on their relatives and friends. Attorney and experienced gerontologist David Levy’s sensitive, practical manual will help family members create a personalized “Plan” to meet the challenges of being caregivers. Most family care – 85% – is nonclinical, but it can involve legal and insurance issues, transportation, family conflicts, physical limitations, and more. Though it’s a bit dry to read, this thorough workbook is an excellent resource for managing the complexities of caregiving. Levy includes examples of family dilemmas and checklists of issues to consider when writing a caregiving Plan for your relative or friend. getAbstract recommends his comprehensive guidebook to people concerned about caring for elderly relatives, special-needs children or loved ones with injuries or chronic illnesses.

In this book, you will learn

  • How to create a written family caregiving “Plan,”
  • Why you will want to have a Plan in place and
  • What to consider when developing a Plan.

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About the Author

David Levy, JD, CCE, is a gerontologist with two family caregiving practices. He is a certified family mediator with the Florida Supreme Court and a certified family conflict dynamics profiler.


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