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How Leaders Package Themselves to Stand Out for the Right Reasons

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The Image of Leadership book summary
In business, as in life, you must package yourself properly; Sylvie di Giusto explains how.


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Do you have a “professional imprint”? Does the way you look suggest that you’re a leader? Image consultant Sylvie di Giusto explains how businesspeople should dress, act and carry themselves to win promotions and achieve leadership status. Image and appearance weigh heavily in the halls of commerce and elsewhere. Accepting this reality, di Giusto expertly and insightfully discusses how people of all sizes, shapes, ethnicities and body types should present themselves to get ahead. Di Giusto’s manual offers numerous grace notes, despite some conservative – more safe than outdated – workplace style ideas. She voices a few Western cultural assumptions that may not work in all markets, while acknowledging that some elements of dress – like head coverings – are matters of religion, not style. Each chapter includes “tweetable statements,” and the book also offers a free mobile app. getAbstract recommends this solid guide to anyone who wants to look like a leader or who might benefit from some solid, real-world style advice.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why self-confidence is crucial for businesspeople who want to get ahead;
  • Why you must accept your body and your looks, and then make the most of them; and
  • Why and how to package and present yourself in a compelling way.


Leaders and those who aspire to become leaders must project self-confidence, regardless of their body types or genetic characteristics. Even the most unlikely looking individuals can attain the highest positions imaginable – if they believe in themselves. Consider Barack...
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About the Author

Professional image consultant Sylvie di Giusto is an active member of the Association for International Image Consultants.

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