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Many people would rather try to flush a snarling bobcat down the toilet than give a speech. Indeed, individuals often rate public speaking as a primary fear. Delivering a speech summons the same jacked-up “fight or flight” response that animals depend upon to survive predator attacks. Your breathing rate shoots through the roof. You cannot think clearly. You are suddenly in severe physical crisis. Unfortunately, when you give a speech, you cannot fight your way out of trouble or run away from it. Instead, you must somehow stand there calmly, and speak in a coherent, compelling fashion. Premier speaking coach Jerry Weissman shows how to quell those stressful feelings. In this clearly written book – which features an attractive design that makes his examples particularly easy to follow – he provides a comprehensive set of public speaking techniques to help you win over any audience. getAbstract is glad to speak up for this book and its fascinating case histories about famous speakers, including an insightful analysis of the fateful 1960 U.S. presidential debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon. History might have been different if Nixon had read Weissman’s book before he went on TV. If you hope to rise in sales or business, not to mention politics, you must be able to give a great presentation – this book will show you how.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why the visual and vocal components of a presentation are crucial
  • How to prepare your presentation
  • How to establish empathy with the audience and avoid feeling nervous
  • How to work with graphics

About the Author

Jerry Weissman has coached hundreds of IPO presentations. Fortune magazine named his book Presenting to Win as one of eight “must-read” titles.



You Can Become a Powerful Presenter
In 1990, Cisco Systems, a communication technology company, introduced its initial public offering (IPO). CEO John Morgridge went on the road to make presentations to potential investors. As an experienced businessman, he was more than competent to ...

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    Peter Barnes 2 years ago
    Interesting summary with some helpful hints and tips.
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    Patrick Brigger 5 years ago
    Never is it that you have learned enough. This summary provides good pointers. 
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    Peter Sleeckx 5 years ago
    Thank you for showing us what a subscription to your service would feel like. Getting concise learning. Thank you for this free preview. I found it an excellent choice of book to cover.
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    Nyaconor-Boafo Jessie 6 years ago
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    Jeramiah Townsend 6 years ago
    Many people have told me I am a powerful speaker. Whether I am or not, I agree with the points in this book. I have used them regularly to great effect.
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    Awu-Patricks Ulayi Patrick 6 years ago
    very good
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    Harnek Uppal 6 years ago
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    Carli Beeli 6 years ago
    Great summary indeed!
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    Malhar Majumder 6 years ago
    Interested in gold pack. however little to stip pricing for someone from india
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    Mohamed Elwan 7 years ago
    thank you for supporting people with free summaries. i promise to keep reading and educating my self to join your team some day
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    Norm Burns 7 years ago
    Sounds great
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    Srag Abo elkhirat 7 years ago
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    Patricia Dent 7 years ago
    Great tips and best practices! I found this summary to be refreshing and a boost reminder of what is important doing any presentation. I especially like the statement, “just be you", even though it's been said a million times, the reminder is "powerful". Great job!
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    Vinny Shake 7 years ago
    Love the user interface. Great job!
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      Guest 7 years ago
      Thank you Vincent! :-)
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    Frank Cerone 7 years ago
    I found this to be an odd choice for selling the Get Abstract service. While this information is important, I have heard it since I was in school (40 years ago). I would have been more inclined to sign up for the Get Abstract service if I was able to view information that is not readily available and much more pertinent.
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      Erica Rauzin 7 years ago
      Thanks for your comment. Since we serve readers at every level of expertise, we do offer abstracts of various ranges of technical knowledge, from entry level to very advanced, and our samples reflect that variety. On this subject, for example, you might enjoy Confessions of a Public Speaker, among others. E.Rauzin, Managing Editor, getAbstract
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    Zack Maric 7 years ago
    Yes too short :(
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    Doga Soysal 7 years ago
    it is too short :(
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    Frad Tran 7 years ago
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    Kayode Fasasi 7 years ago
    This is great.
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    Mohammad Kabir Khojayeen 7 years ago
    He's the best!!!
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    Tony Pagliaroli 7 years ago
    Nicely done; highlighting the essence!!
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    Candy Huynh 7 years ago
    this summary is great, i really it
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    Jaime Roman 7 years ago
    Yes there is value in receiving the main ideas about certain topics and the time saving factor is a must in today's executive pace life. It is a great tool , I really like it !
    Jaime Roman - Nov 1, 2011
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    Gregg Karavanich 7 years ago
    Very impressive. Effective summary.
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    Kartika JQ 7 years ago
    it's great help
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    Sawsan Al Ebiary 7 years ago
    Sawsan Hosni - October 25, 2010

    Thanks to the technology to make such information accesible to all. It is of great help.
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    Hans He 7 years ago
    There are quite a lot of wonderful tips and best practice. Some we've already known but seldom make it our habits. Some we haven't noticed yet such as the "ownership" or "no-execuse" attitude!
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    Alf Steinar Sætre 7 years ago
    good summary, but a bit short on examples and graphics.
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    Phillip Khan-Panni 8 years ago
    The author damned himself by misquoting Albert Mehrabian's stats and claiming that your words contribute only 7% of the communication. Nothing original in this book. There are hundreds of more deserving reads.
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    Guest 8 years ago
    This summary was extremely helpful. I especially like the outline of what you should do to prepare and the pointers about how to deliver your message to the audience. Thank you!
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    Silvia Doomra 8 years ago
    Thanks for wonderful write-up. I attended two-day training to learn all these concepts. It was a good recap.
    Thanks again. Keep it up!

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