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Breaking the Barriers in Personal High Performance

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There Are No Limits book summary
To realize your unlimited potential, you must believe that you have no limits, not even the ones you created yourself.


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Two original devices set There are No Limits apart from other inspirational texts, and in order to fully appreciate Danny Cox’s book, you’ll have to make full use of both. At regular intervals throughout the course of the book, Cox inserts "Immediate Actions" and "Points to Ponder." By suggesting through these sections concrete steps that you can take right away, the book surpasses many of its peers, which often fail to find ground amid lofty hyperbole. But the practical nature of this book can only be realized if you actually take the recommended steps as you read, and gloss over some jargon-laden prose ("Appoint yourself the dean of Every Day University"). Cox, an Air Force veteran, draws on his personal experiences, as well as those of high-profile celebrities and authors to illustrate his ideas. While he wrote the book for a general audience, getAbstract recommends it particularly to salespeople, or those charged with managing or motivating a sales force.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why you should accept full responsibility for the successes and failures in your life;
  • What ten characteristics you need to break through your self-imposed barriers; and
  • Why not having goals leads to a mundane existence.


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About the Author

Danny Cox is the author of Seize the Day and Leadership When the Heat is On He is a former supersonic fighter pilot and currently is a professional speaker.

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