Summary of Time Management Secrets for Working Women

Getting Organized to Get the Most Out of Each Day

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Time Management Secrets for Working Women book summary
Time management hammers working women: now, maximize your hours, ease your stress and match your time use to your values.


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Many working women awake to the figurative sound of a starter pistol and race against the clock until they lie down to sleep at night. Author Ruth Klein understands the unique challenges that time management presents to working women. The demands of home, family and work always compete for their attention, and they get almost no personal time. She divides women into three "Personal Motivational Lifestyle" categories and explains that a woman will feel unbalanced and unfulfilled if her time investment is out of sync with her lifestyle. She encourages women to nurture a clear understanding of their own personalities so their time use aligns with their values and beliefs. Klein offers many useful, practical timesaving tips, strategies and techniques for the home and workplace. The book jumps from subject to subject with little regard to flow, but the advice is solid and actionable once you find it. getAbstract believes Klein can help you organize your time. Just give her a minute.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How working women can squeeze the most out of every minute of every day;
  • How to organize your schedule and maximize your productivity; and
  • How to use time in a way that matches your lifestyle and values.


Tick Tock Tears
To many women, time is an adversary. The ticking clock prevents them from accomplishing all they need to do. Society expects working women to perform optimally at work, and to manage their homes. Men, on the other hand, are only required to manage their time at work. Women...
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About the Author

Ruth Klein is president of a company that provides time management solutions for professionals, moms and students. She is a frequent public speaker, an active civic volunteer and the author of five books, including Where Did The Time Go? and Manage Your Time/Market Your Business.

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