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To Raise Brave Girls, Encourage Adventure  summary
Since brave girls become brave women, embolden girls to jump high, run fast and throw caution to the wind.


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It’s not uncommon for little Johnny to clamber around the jungle gym while little Annie hesitates at the top of the slide. Many parents encourage their sons to engage in a bit of rough and tumble yet caution their daughters to “be careful” or “watch out.” New York Times best-selling author Caroline Paul explains why this tendency deprives girls of the opportunity to develop courage and self-confidence, which are essential tools for navigating the world. getAbstract recommends her gutsy advice to all parents as well as to girls and women of all ages.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why people often are surprised when women display bravery,
  • How parents discourage girls from taking risks and
  • Why girls should play just as hard as boys do.


As a girl, Caroline Paul decided to break a Guinness World Record. She chose crawling because it didn’t require any skills and the standing record of 12.5 miles [20 km] seemed achievable. Without any training, she and a friend attached furniture pads to their knees and began crawling around a track. ...
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About the Speaker

Adventurer and ex-firefighter Caroline Paul is the author of The Gutsy Girl and Fighting Fire.

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