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Want to Be More Creative? Go for a Walk summary


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Business leaders and creative types, take heed: Boosting creativity is as simple as going for a walk, according to behavioral and learning scientist Marily Oppezzo. She presents research showing how a leisurely stroll can improve brainstorming, especially if you follow five tips for optimal benefit. getAbstract recommends this short, instructive talk to anyone trying to generate new ideas, whether a major industry disruption, a minor innovation or a fresh approach to outsmarting the competition.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How walking helps you brainstorm better and
  • What five tips will help you maximize the creativity boost of your next stroll.

About the Speaker

Behavioral scientist Marily Oppezzo teaches medicine at the Stanford Prevention Research Center.



The creative process is typically long and demanding. Thus, a team of researchers investigated a way to ease the first step, brainstorming. Through four studies, they examined how a walk affects brainstorming. All the studies indicated the same conclusion: Walking benefits creativity. For instance, one study gave participants four minutes to generate alternative uses for everyday items, such as a key. The researchers tallied responses with “appropriate novelty” as creative. That is, the ideas were feasible (not just imaginative) and unique. When multiple test subjects brainstormed the same concept, no one received credit for it. One appropriately novel idea, for example, was a victim using the key to write the murderer’s name before perishing. All test subjects had the goal of saying as many appropriately novel ideas as possible in the given time.

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