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Why It's So Hard to Change – and What You Can Do About It

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You're Addicted to You book summary
Are you ready to change? Start by fixing your relationship with yourself.


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Though there is not a lot of new material here, Noah Blumenthal manages to combine diverse ideas and create an extremely practical guide to personal change. He takes in two valuable elements. First, he is clear and methodical. Some books on change hurl readers into the process, but his multistep plan walks readers through every stage of building awareness and making changes. He demystifies the change process, suggesting small, manageable steps. Second, he insists on the importance of the larger context in determining behavior. Blumenthal gets readers to scour their past, present, future and surroundings for the factors that trigger, reward or support their bad behaviors. Likewise, he insists that readers get feedback from those around them and ask for considerable support. The result is an immediately applicable book. However, the advice might seem somewhat uncomfortable, as it exposes one’s efforts to the (supportive) scrutiny of an entire community. getAbstract recommends it to readers who accept the author’s call for emotional honesty and are seriously committed to change.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why bad behaviors are like addictions;
  • What you need to do to support your attempt to change; and
  • How to change.


What is “Self-Addiction” – and What Can You Do About It?
If you’re like most people, there’s something about yourself you’d like to change – some aspect of your behavior that just isn’t working for you. And, if you’re like most people, you’ve probably already tried to change it and failed...
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About the Author

Noah Blumenthal is founder and president of a consulting firm that focuses on executive coaching and team development.

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