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Tech philosopher Somi Arian argues that the future of work isn’t as scary as you may think. She outlines the three dominant work cultures in the 21st century: corporate, entrepreneurial and influencer, and advises on choosing the best for you. Ebullient, chatty and accessible, Somi Arian writes in a style that speaks to millennials and gen Z as they face the exciting and challenging future of work.

About the Author

Award-winning filmmaker, author, tech philosopher and entrepreneur Somi Arian founded Smart Cookie Media and co-founded Career Drive.


Perspective, mind-set and human skills are crucial to your career success in the new world of work.

The world of work is changing more rapidly than ever before. But, speed comes at the cost of clarity, making it difficult to make sound decisions. Even digital natives – millennials and gen Z – find the rate of change intimidating. With perspective, a good mind-set and human skills, you can learn from the past, engage with who you are in the present and prepare for the future.

Work is as old as humankind and has evolved over history. Early humans learned to collaborate and form bonds, then organize themselves, and then, inevitably, to exploit one another. Few people had access to education, and survived only by laboring. The Quakers viewed work as a higher calling, thus creating the modern entrepreneur. They introduced innovation, which causes disruption and, eventually, a revolution.

The First Industrial Revolution introduced mechanization and displaced physical labor. The Second Industrial Revolution introduced the modern idea of “job” with mass production and consumption...

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