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Change, to the Power of Ten

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Change, to the Power of Ten

Business Innovation Factory,

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Rise above the daily minutiae for a moment to consider the cost of reaching for the stars.

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In this lecture, world-renowned consultant Keith Yamashita speaks from the heart as he wrestles with the question, “Is it really worth daring to be great?” He mines his personal story in search for the answer, and along the way he discovers the necessity of creating dynamic duos, collaborative teams and innovative organizations to challenge systemic problems. Only together can people build better futures and achieve greatness. getAbstract recommends this video as a catalyst to conversation in the classroom and an inspiration in corporate conference rooms.


“Is it worth daring to be great?” Addressing this question requires a mental journey. Humans are born with insatiable curiosity, unlimited ideas and wild imaginations. Yet family, schooling, community and culture suppress their innate greatness. Daring to be great as an adult requires you to hold on to the childlike quality of living uninhibitedly in the present and preserving the ability to be “fully aware” and “fully alive.”

Greatness is not usually a solo endeavor. Strength resides in duos. ...

About the Speaker

Consultant Keith Yamashita is chairman and founder of SYPartner, a change and innovation firm.

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