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Tony Alessandra focuses on how to build your charisma by analyzing the seven elements that comprise it: your silent message, speaking ability, listening skills, persuasive talent, use of time and space, adaptability, and vision. He provides a short quiz you can complete at the beginning of each chapter to identify easily which areas of your charisma need work. Allessandra believes that you don’t have to be born with charisma, that anyone can increase his or her level of charisma. He demystifies it in this clearly focused, very readable book. Alessandra probably could write complete books on each of charisma’s seven keys. In fact, the section on adaptability is essentially a summary of a book he co-authored, The Platinum Rule. But instead of seven volumes, here is one well-edited book packed full of content. getabstract recommends this book to people who want to improve their charisma, or to understand the tangible aspects of this intangible quality.

About the Author

Tony Alessandra, Ph.D. co-authored The Platinum Rule, Non-Manipulative Selling, and The Art of Managing People. He is a respected leadership motivator.



What is Charisma?

If people like you even though they don’t know much about you, you have charisma. It’s the quality that creates leaders. Assess your personal amount of charisma by examining its seven elements: your silent message, ability to speak well, listening skills, persuasive talent, use of time and space, ability to adapt, and vision. Fortunately, charisma can be learned. Very few people are strong in all seven categories, but almost everyone can build on existing strengths.

Develop Your Silent Message

Your silent message is all about the way you carry yourself. The silent message you send to others can be broken down into five categories:


Your emotional self: Enthusiasm, self-control, and a positive attitude are the most important components of your emotional energy. Others discern your enthusiasm from your voice, gestures, and facial expressions. If you have positive energy, it spreads to the people around you. Don’t fake being happy, just realize that - particularly when you first meet someone - people watch every word, gesture, and facial expression. The positive attitude you display can help or hinder you in creating an...

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