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China Economic Update summary
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China’s economy is growing, but not at the torrid double-digit annual pace that it had maintained since the 1980s. A shift in the dynamics behind such growth away from exports, manufacturing and investment and toward domestic spending, services and consumption underpins that deceleration. The Chinese economy will benefit in the longer term, as it adjusts to a new level of sustainable growth. This authoritative analysis from the World Bank is accessible more to the specialist than to the lay reader. Thus, getAbstract recommends it to those well versed in economic policy.

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The World Bank provides financial and technical assistance to developing countries.



The Chinese economy is downshifting to a more manageable level. Structural changes in its makeup, along with government engineering of economic conditions to avoid extremes, are putting the economy on a path to sustainable growth. Policies to cut local government borrowing, shadow banking activity and industrial excess capacity will enable slow but steady development.

Credit constraints are bringing about a correction in real estate that, in the near term, is causing a slowdown in housing starts and investment in secondary cities. Slower growth in industrial output and exports have had...

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