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Citi Learning 2021 summary
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Human beings are adept at using imagination to develop technology, which is transforming peoples’ everyday lives. The term “future shock” has never been more apt. In this instructive guide, Citi shares input from an internal taskforce commissioned to make sense of these changes and to outline some directions for corporate learning. The group has identified certain critical technologies, such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, that are replete with promise as well as peril.

About the Author

Citi Learning is an internal taskforce at Citigroup. 



Four trends influence how learning and labor will unfold in the future: 1) The world is speeding up; 2) the nature of the employer–employee relationship is changing; 3) individuals are living and working longer; and 4) while information is available everywhere, people suffer from reduced attention spans. Technologies to aid corporate learning include:

  • “Smart automation” – Artificial intelligence (AI), robots and machine learning are capabilities as transformative to civilization as the introduction of electricity. 
  • “Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality...

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