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Trendspotting for the Next Decade

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2011 book summary
Is your business ready for the next 10 years? Beware: Here’s what coming, more or less, in the decade ahead and beyond.


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This entertaining book touches on multiple areas that will affect your life during the next decade. However, it is not set up to be a serious treatise on future trends, but a rambling ride through them. Just an alert to those who are sensitive to strong language, the expletives are not deleted here. Nonetheless, Richard Laermer writes with charm and bouncy style in this fun, somewhat informative read. getAbstract recommends it as more of a witty, light-hearted guide to the future than as a substantive business road map. While you will need to take this advice with a grain of salt, you will find some tasty morsels along the way.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What the next decade holds for you and your company;
  • How to recognize and react to trends that will affect you; and
  • How to use them to your advantage.


Trendspotting for Rookies
Before digging too deeply into what might be in store for 2011 and beyond, getting a few basic facts straight about what’s coming in the future is a worthwhile exercise. These aren’t hard and fast predictions, but they serve as general ideas about some areas that...
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About the Author

Richard Laermer is the author of six nonfiction guides to business, including Trendspotting and Full Frontal PR. He also is the founder and CEO of a PR agency.

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