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Baby Diapers Inspired This New Way to Study the Brain summary


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Neuroengineer Ed Boyden has a simple yet brilliant idea for studying the human brain: Rather than zooming in on the organ via microscopes, why not enlarge the brain itself? His remarkable methodology for expanding the brain uses an ingredient found in an everyday consumer product: disposable diapers. getAbstract believes scientists and innovators will draw inspiration from Boyden’s demonstration of his outside-the-box solution to a complex problem.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why science is currently unable to study the brain at the molecular level,
  • How neuroengineer Ed Boyden and his team at the MIT Media Lab are redressing this problem, and
  • What applications the team’s discovery has for science and medicine.

About the Speaker

Neuroengineer Ed Boyden works at MIT’s Media Lab, where he heads the synthetic neurobiology group.



The brain is a complex, highly dense organ: Just one cubic millimeter contains some 100,000 neurons and one billion synapses. Moreover, each neuron is home to many thousands...

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