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Currency of the New Economy Is Trust summary
Your online reputation could someday be your most valuable asset.


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Social analyst Rachel Botsman describes how online peer-to-peer platforms for trading, sharing, hiring and selling are transforming the economy and society at large. In these marketplaces, each transaction is a vehicle for human connection. Explains Botsman, “Instead of consuming to keep up with the Joneses, people are consuming to get to know the Joneses.” She passionately expounds on the economic and human importance of this movement, so getAbstract suggests you tune in to her intriguing lecture.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What opportunities “collaborative consumption” presents,
  • How trust and reputation influence collaborative consumption, and
  • How your online reputation will affect you in the future.


Londoner Sebastian Sandys hosts people from around the world in his 18th-century guardhouse. He finds renters through global website Airbnb. Sandys is just one example of how
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About the Speaker

Rachel Botsman is a social analyst and co-author of the book What’s Mine Is Yours.

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