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Deceit and Betrayal at WorldCom

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Disconnected book summary
Bernie Ebbers rode WorldCom from a small regional company to huge success to a major international business disaster.


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This account by Lynne W. Jeters, a Mississippi business journalist, is readable though somewhat disorganized. You will come away with a better sense of the environment of good old boy networking that allowed Bernie Ebbers, a country motel operator, to become CEO of one of the hottest, most corrupt companies America ever produced. WorldCom, even more than Enron, epitomizes the greed, blindness and folly that afflicted the U.S. stock markets in the 1990s. The book needed a stronger editorial hand, but on the whole finds it is a useful, illuminating addition to the sagas of Wall Street scandals.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Who made WorldCom a fraud;
  • How they got rich doing it; and
  • How the scandal finally came to light.


The WorldCom Timeline
1941 — Bernard J. "Bernie" Ebbers is born into a poor but devout family in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. His father, John Ebbers, travels North America selling tires and hardware. He moves the family to California when Bernie is about to enter second...
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About the Author

Lynne W. Jeter has been the primary WorldCom reporter for the only statewide business magazine in Mississippi, the Mississippi Business Journal. She also reports for the Clarion-Ledger, Mississippi’s largest daily newspaper. She was named SBA Small Business Journalist of the year for Mississippi in 1999.

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