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The Real Story of Sustained M&A Growth

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Inside Cisco book summary
Forget the technology, Cisco’s real business is M&A.


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There’s no reason to beat around the bush: This is not an objective history of Cisco. It is an unabashedly adulatory look at one of the most influential companies of the New Economy. If you’re looking for a critical assessment of Cisco’s business model and execution, look elsewhere. That does not mean that you should ignore Inside Cisco, however. On the contrary, strongly recommends this book for its detailed dissection of Cisco’s acquisition methodology, from its target identification and selection to integration and employee retention. Anyone in business would do well to read this book, study these processes and make them their own.

In this summary, you will learn

  • The corporate history of Cisco Systems;
  • How Cisco has used acquisitions to drive its growth, and
  • The methodology and techniques that Cisco uses in its acquisitions process.


Technology Titan
Since its founding in 1984, Cisco has become the 800-pound gorilla of the networking and communications industry. It has sustained 40% annual revenue growth for years, and even with the current dip in the economy and the busting of the tech bubble, it is rich in cash and...
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About the Author

Ed Paulson is president of Technology and Communications, Inc. He is the author of 10 business and technology books, including the The Technology M&A Guidebook. He is currently a visiting professor of Business at DePaul University.

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