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Inside Yahoo! book summary
It’s stock price might have fallen $200, but, hey, Yahoo! is still in business.


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Inside Yahoo! presents a blow-by-blow chronology of the birth, ascension and downfall of a company that - in terms of business model and stock price - was the archetype of the ’90s dot-com. Readers will be hard pressed to identify any relevant fact or event from the life of Yahoo! overlooked by author Karen Angel. What is missed however, is meaty analysis: Did the hubris of Yahoo!’s founders contribute to the company’s reversal of fortunes? Angel doesn’t speculate. Nevertheless, recommends her book for its comprehensive recounting of a business tale that truly captures the essence of the Internet boom.

In this summary, you will learn

  • The history of Yahoo!, a prominent Web portal and one of the most high-flying stocks of the Internet boom;
  • How the competitive pressures of the dot-com stock bubble encouraged Web portals to embark on money-losing enhancements, and
  • How Yahoo! is attempting to survive by revamping its business model.


Internet Poster Child
Yahoo! stands as a symbol of the Internet mania of the 1990s. It began in spring 1994, when Stanford University graduate students Jerry Yang, 25, and David Filo, 27, began to compile a list of their favorite Web sites. They planned to visit as many sites as possible...
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About the Author

Karen Angel is a journalist who has been published in The New York Times, Crain’s, the New York Post, The Washington Post, BusinessWeek Online, and Publishers Weekly.

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