Summary of Is Green Growth Good for the Poor?

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Is Green Growth Good for the Poor? summary
Going green is a hot trend, but what will it mean for the poor?


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Professor of development economics Stefan Dercon posits that tackling environmental issues may undermine developing nations’ economic growth, hindering efforts to reduce poverty. Is “green growth” a solution? Though his analysis is speculative and could use a deft editorial hand, Dercon adds fresh views to an important discourse. getAbstract recommends his article to environmentalists, social activists and policy makers.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why the poor are particularly vulnerable to environmental degradation,
  • What factors keep people in poverty and
  • How “green growth” could be a disadvantage for the poor.


Environmental degradation impinges more severely on the poor than the rich. In rural areas, they depend on agriculture and, thus, are vulnerable to climate change. Damage to natural resources – water, forests, soil – threatens their livelihoods. In urban areas, the impoverished suffer the effects of...
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About the Author

Stefan Dercon is a professor of development economics at Oxford University.

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