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My Country Will Be Underwater Soon – Unless We Work Together summary
Imagine living on Atlantis just before submersion. This is the reality for President Anote Tong, whose island nation of Kiribati faces extinction.


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In terms of climate change, the low-lying Pacific island nation of Kiribati is a veritable canary in a coal mine. It is already sinking and may even drown if sea levels continue to rise. In this emotive interview with TED’s Chris Anderson, President Anote Tong outlines the urgency of the threat facing the I-Kiribati and the planet. getAbstract recommends Tong’s global call for help to anyone who leaves a carbon footprint – and that’s everyone.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How climate change threatens the existence of the Pacific island nation of Kiribati,
  • How the I-Kiribati are preparing for the worst-case scenario, and
  • Why the country must change strategies to meet both commercial and environmental concerns.


The Pacific nation of Kiribati consists of three groups of islands that are dispersed both north and south of the equator and east and west of the International Date Line. The country, composed of coral atolls, sits two meters [six feet six inches] above sea level on average. Environmental experts predict...
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About the Speakers

Anote Tong is the president of the Republic of Kiribati. He is a passionate advocate of climate change awareness and ocean conservation. Chris Anderson is the curator of TED.

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