Summary of Natural Riches?

Perspectives on Responsible Natural Resource Management in Conflict-Affected Countries

World Economic Forum,

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Natural Riches? summary
Developing countries must cope with the attendant evils of resource extraction.


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The 12 authors of this collection of nine articles are shareholders in some aspect of resource development. The Global Agenda Council on Conflict Prevention asked these experts to consider the successes and failures – mostly failures – of resource extraction projects in developing countries. They present many caveats and suggestions aimed at achieving happier results. They identify risks that project developers should avoid or reduce, such as institutional and economic inadequacies, and lack of social cohesion. This complex problem has no single solution, but this collection – while suffering from some of the redundancy endemic to reports with multiple authors – proves informative and timely. getAbstract believes it will be useful to executives in the extraction industries, government planners, human rights activists, local officials and anyone with an interest in lifting the “natural resource curse.”

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why most resource development projects in developing countries fail,
  • How to avoid the “natural resource curse” and
  • What participants can do to make extraction projects work.


“The Natural Resource Curse”
Wise development management can fix most problems that developing countries face in governing the extraction of their natural resources. Proper strategies can help countries avoid the usual sad results: A nation’s funds end up in secret bank accounts and its...
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About the Author

The 25 writers, editors, peer reviewers and members of the Global Agenda Council on Conflict Prevention Editorial Board are international resource development stakeholders.

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