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Luck, Leadership and Living with Parkinson's

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Next to Me book summary
Despite humble beginnings, David Jones became CEO of a big British retailer – without revealing his Parkinson`s Disease.


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David Jones, a leading executive in British mail order fashion retailing, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease on July 25, 1982, at age 39. In spite of that diagnosis, he remained a CEO of major companies for two decades. Jones’ interesting autobiography downplays his fight against Parkinson’s and focuses on his compelling career. While he covers little of his personal life, he gives an honest, detailed account of an almost confusing number of people, companies, trends and power plays from his professional life. The book is not chronological. Part I covers Jones’ dramatic efforts to rescue NEXT from bankruptcy. Part II reports on his childhood and early career, and Part III covers his later years as CEO, as well as his illness and his philanthropy. getAbstract recommends this straightforward professional saga, despite wishing that its forthright, gutsy author had told it in order.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How David Jones became CEO of NEXT and rescued it from the brink of disaster;
  • How Jones got started;
  • How his career progressed from account clerk to CEO; and
  • How he coped with and concealed Parkinson’s Disease.


"Part I - 1986-1996: Rescuing NEXT"
David Jones rose through the ranks in mail order fashion retailing in the U.K. to become CEO of Grattan in 1981. At the time, its capital value was £25 million. By 1986, when it was acquired by NEXT, a major fashion retailer, its capital value was £350...
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About the Author

David Jones is the former CEO and current chairman of NEXT, a British fashion retail chain. He co-founded The Cure Parkinson’s Trust and is donating the proceeds of his book to Parkinson’s charities.

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