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The Story of Warren Buffett

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Of Permanent Value book summary
He’s the world’s most middle-class multi-billionaire. Pull up a chair and visit with Warren Buffett, the unassuming king of “Buy low, don’t sell.”


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Andrew Kilpatrick has written a most unusual biography of one of the world’s richest men, investor Warren Buffett. Instead of the dry chronology presented in most biographies, Kilpatrick has stuffed his 890 pages with 157 immensely readable, personal and professional vignettes. They are arranged in no particular order, yet they add up to a detailed and satisfying journey. Filled with plenty of inside detail from numerous original and published sources, the book lets you pull up a comfy chair inside Warren Buffett’s brain. recommends this book to anyone interested in investing and general business, and to curious readers of all persuasions.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How Buffet developed a fascination with finance as a child;
  • Why Buffet keeps his investment cards close to his chest; and
  • Why Buffet appears more interested in making money than spending it.


Warren Buffet’s Early Years
Warren Buffett jokes that he "was conceived during the stock market crash" in the fall of 1929. To add to the irony, his father was a stock salesman at the time. Young Warren’s future could have been predicted by looking at one of his first and favorite toys...
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About the Author

Andrew Kilpatrick self-published the first edition of this book in 1994. He updated and expanded it for the 1998 McGraw-Hill edition. He served in the Peace Corps, was a U.S. Naval officer, and spent 20 years as a newspaperman in Birmingham, Alabama.

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