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How to Prepare for the Future and Create a World Worth Inheriting

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Prosper! book summary
The world is the Titanic; the iceberg looms. Decide now whether to build a raft or dance to the band.


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Peak Prosperity consultancy co-founders Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart predict a crisis of global proportions due to rising national debt, unchecked consumption, threatened ecosystems and depletion of fossil fuels. If you live in denial, ignore the warnings and assume life will continue unchanged, they believe you’re stacking the odds against your future. When your way of life is no longer sustainable, how will you not only survive, but also “prosper”? The authors provide concrete strategies for coping with the world they predict. They suggest preparing for the future by accumulating “eight types of capital”: “Financial, Social, Living, Material, Knowledge, Emotional, Cultural” and “Time.” If you agree a crisis is looming – and perhaps even if you don’t – getAbstract recommends this guide to preparation and survival. Whether you think the authors are prophets or alarmists, building a greener, more thrifty world is bound to be good for you.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How unsustainable trends in the economy, energy generation and the environment are moving toward a tipping point,
  • How these converging movements will affect your life; and
  • How to build resilience in “eight types of capital”: “Financial, Social, Living, Material, Knowledge, Emotional, Cultural” and “Time.”


It Can’t Go On This Way
An in-depth look at the “Three E’s” – the “economy, energy and environment” – reveals that current economic models are built on continual but unsustainable expansion, shrinking energy supplies, and an overtaxed, polluted environment. Economists overlook...
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About the Authors

Economist Chris Martenson, PhD, wrote the video seminar and book, The Crash Course. He co-founded Peak Prosperity with Adam Taggart, a former Yahoo vice president.

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