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Rich rewards and tough regulations could sway doubters


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Shale Gas summary
Is shale gas the answer to energy woes or a terrible threat to the environment?


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The debate over hydro-fracking gained momentum after the 2010 release of the movie Gasland, an exposé of the environmental hazards of fracking. According to Frank Umbach, a consultant on international energy security and security policies, original studies supported the views of the film. However, recent research casts doubt on the earlier findings, and many independent experts are quick to point out the economic and environmental advantages of extracting natural gas. For those interested in learning more about the pros and cons of shale gas extraction, getAbstract suggests this timely, brief article, although the arguments presented are biased.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What major concerns surround fracking, a natural gas extraction technique;
  • How countries can manage the risks; and
  • How extracting natural gas can benefit EU nations.


New research addresses some concerns about fracking, a technique to extract natural gas from shale. Certain countries, including Germany, France and the Czech Republic, suspended use of fracking due to uncertainty about its safety. Using shale gas could greatly reduce a country’s dependence on imported...
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About the Author

Dr. Frank Umbach a senior associate and head of the International Energy Security program at the Centre for European Security Strategies.

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