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Five Ways to Overcome It and Trust Your Imperfect Self

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The Fear Reflex book summary
Increasing your self-respect helps you trust yourself and others, so you can deal with your fears.


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Harvard Medical School psychiatry instructor Dr. Joseph Shrand provides a therapeutic fear-management program to help you overcome basic fears and he includes case histories to show how his method works. His “iMaximum resiliency-based approach” (I-M) centers on knowing that you are functioning at your “current best maximum” and using that knowledge to build self-confidence and diminish fear. Shrand carefully traces the links between low self-worth and succumbing to irrational – and even rational – fears. With I-M, he teaches you to understand that you are “doing the best” you can and to use that awareness to increase your sense of self-worth, refrain from turning anger inward and reduce your fears. Shrand’s nonjudgmental program requires treating everyone – including yourself – with understanding and respect. Many may find this challenging, especially if they must extend such treatment to someone they view with apprehension. getAbstract recommends this logical, precise manual about taming fear.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How the “fear reflex” functions,
  • How to use the “iMaximum resiliency-based approach” (I-M) to manage fear,
  • What four domains influence fear, and
  • How five strategies and the “Four R’s” can help you transcend fear.


“The Fear Reflex”
Fear is an elemental human response. This ancient, innate reflex mechanism traces its origins to mankind’s earliest days, when humans were small, scared mammals living on the savannah and in dark jungles, always looking over their shoulders and hiding from all sorts of...
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About the Authors

Harvard Medical School psychiatry instructor Joseph Shrand, MD, is board certified in adult psychiatry, addiction medicine, and child and adolescent psychiatry. Leigh Devine, MS, is a journalist, writer and producer.

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