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What Happens In a World That Anticipates Your Every Move?

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The Naked Future book summary
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Patrick Tucker, editor at large of The Futurist, covers climate change, falling in love, crime, education, business, innovation, health and earthquakes. He shows how the application of big data and telemetry improve scientific predictions in each of these areas. Big data empowers corporations and governments, but it can leave the average citizen feeling powerless, digitized and under surveillance. However, Tucker demonstrates, big data also offers positive possibilities for individuals. He can be too rosy at times and he provides too little discussion of how his different topics interact, but even so getAbstract recommends his intriguing thesis to readers interested in social change, technology, cyberculture, individual autonomy or futurism.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What challenges big data presents;
  • How big data enables predictions regarding education, crime, weather, climate change, personal behavior, box office success, and more; and
  • How these predictions can improve your life.


The “Naked Future”
You’re rapidly moving toward a world in which everything about you is either known or predictable – that’s the naked future and it is brought to you by big data, which makes it possible. Big data used to mean information too vast or disparate to be useful. Now, corporations...
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About the Author

Patrick Tucker is technology editor for Defense One. Tucker’s writing on emerging technology also has appeared in Slate, The Sun, MIT Technology Review, Wilson Quarterly, BBC News Magazine, Utne Reader and other publications.

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