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Dispatches from the Socialstructed World

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The Nature of the Future book summary
One day, “amplified individuals” living in a “socialstructed” world will use technology to create a social economy.


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Behold a future in which “amplified individuals” live in “socialstructed” societies, using advanced networking to solve socioeconomic problems using massive amounts of data and disrupting traditional institutions and norms. In this speculative exploration, Marina Gorbis, executive director of the Institute for the Future in Silicon Valley, challenges you to imagine a postindustrial economy where machines work while people apply reasoning and creativity to advance society. Although Gorbis uses futuristic scenarios and limited Silicon Valley examples to make her argument – rather than more rigorous research – she vividly portrays a future in which people alter society through increased knowledge, better technology and interconnected communities. getAbstract recommends her vision to business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, academics and policy makers who are trying to predict how socioeconomic and technological changes will affect the future.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How society will shift from a market-based economy to a “socialstructed” economy;
  • How emerging technology will change education, government and health care;
  • How new networking platforms may alter economies;
  • How people can foster society’s innate interconnectedness; and
  • What threats can halt the socialstructed state.


“Socialstructing” and “Microcontributions”
Society is in the midst of a technological revolution, a powerful shift away from a world of industrial production and toward a new age of economics that values social connections and emotional rewards – a phenomenon known as “socialstructing.” ...
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About the Author

Marina Gorbis, the executive director of the Institute for the Future in Silicon Valley, is a frequent speaker and guest blogger on future organizational, technological and social issues.

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