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The Psychology of Time summary
Do you dwell in the past, immerse yourself in the now or keep your sights on the future?


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What is the “secret power of time”? According to psychologist Philip Zimbardo, your “time perspective” – that is, whether you orient toward the past, present or future – shapes your decisions and even the success of outcomes. Though viewers will wish Zimbardo had fleshed out his novel ideas, getAbstract recommends his pithy introduction to psychologists seeking insights into human behavior and to individuals seeking to understand their decision making.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What characterizes a “time perspective,”
  • How time perspectives shape your responses to temptation and
  • How to combine time perspectives for the best results.


Adam faced a choice in the Garden of Eden: to resist pressure and refuse the apple or to succumb and take that bite. When temptation strikes, you must decide to yield or resist, act or reflect...
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About the Speaker

Philip Zimbardo, designer of the Stanford Prison experiment, researches the psychology of evil and of heroism.

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