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The Revenge of Analog book summary
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Do you prefer vinyl? Do you love writing with a pen in a blank-paged journal instead of typing away on your laptop? Would you rather play board games around the dining room table with friends than stare alone at a screen? Journalist David Sax explains why. He documents the way that businesses in different fields are swimming against the digital tide and embracing analog technologies. His stories about board game creators, book publishers and watchmakers show how people are rediscovering analog’s virtues. Sax moves between case studies of people working in analog industries or reinvigorating analog work practices, and discussions of larger economic issues. getAbstract recommends his future-oriented look at resurging technologies to anyone interested in the digital economy and the future of work (and play).

In this book, you will learn

  • Why many people choose analog products and ideas over digital, and
  • What particular analog qualities rival or beat digital.

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About the Author

Journalist David Sax writes regularly for Bloomberg Businessweek and The New Yorker online. His other books include Save the Deli and The Tastemakers.


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