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Measuring the Real State of the World

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The Skeptical Environmentalist book summary
The sky is not falling! The sky is not falling!


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The earth is not running out of oil. Global warming will not destroy our civilization. Starvation is being eliminated. Pollution is receding, and the environment, in general, is clean and in pretty good health. Do these statements sound preposterous? If so, you’ve probably been spending too much time listening to the scaremongers that make their livings through the media. Or at least, that’s the opinion of Bjorn Lomborg, who shoots down many popular but wrongly held notions with his fresh analysis of long-term environmental and health data. His book is impeccably documented, to the point that many readers will get lost in technical details and statistical analysis. For that reason, recommends this book primarily to serious students of environmental policy.

In this summary, you will learn

  • The counter-arguments to claims that environmental degradation threatens human life and health;
  • How and why environmental groups exaggerate potential dangers, and
  • How continued economic growth will ameliorate many dire environmental threats.


Deceitful Data
An accurate understanding of the world is critical in order to decide how to allocate our resources and efforts on a global scale. Unfortunately, our world-view has been skewed by a litany of misconceptions presented by environmentalists and doomsayers. These critics claimed...
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About the Author

Bjorn Lomborg is an Associate Professor of Statistics in the Department of Political Science at the University of Aarhus in Denmark. He has published in international journals in the fields of game theory and computer simulations.

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