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Welcome to the Age of the Industrial Internet  summary
Born of the Industrial Revolution and the Internet revolution, the industrial Internet will be the next great transformative phenomenon.


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First came the Industrial Revolution. Then came the Internet revolution. Now prepare for the next great transformative phenomenon: the industrial Internet. According to economist Marco Annunziata, the interconnectivity of humans and “brilliant technology” portends a wave of potential innovation across all sectors. In fact, the impact of this revolution is already palpable in transportation, health care and energy. getAbstract recommends Annunziata’s illuminating, reassuring talk to economists, technologists and workers who fear that technical advancements jeopardize their jobs.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How the industrial Internet revolution is unfolding,
  • How it will transform major sectors of the economy and
  • What it portends for the future of workers.


During the past 200 years, two waves of innovation radically transformed the world. First, the Industrial Revolution mechanized industry. Later, the Internet revolution democratized access to information and communication. Now the world is undergoing a third major upheaval –
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About the Speaker

Marco Annunziata is General Electric’s chief economist and a member of the European Council of Economists.

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