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Why Aren’t We More Compassionate?  summary
Feeling empathy is human nature, so why are people so often unresponsive to the suffering of others?


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“Why aren’t we more compassionate?” asks psychologist Daniel Goleman. By studying human brain function, neuroscientists have proven that humans are wired to empathize. Yet the preoccupation with self often usurps the natural inclination to help others. It’s time to pay attention, asserts Goleman, and redirect your focus toward your fellow human beings. getAbstract recommends you pay attention to this enlightening lecture.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why people show less compassion toward others than dictated by nature,
  • What dangers and consequences accompany self-focus, and
  • What benefits ensue when people are compassionate toward one another.


Neuroscientists have discovered that humans are wired to empathize. Most people’s mirror neurons fire when they see someone in need, enabling humans to feel for one another. Yet as individuals go about their business, self-absorption prohibits them from noticing the plights of others. Moreover, positive...
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About the Speaker

Psychologist Daniel Goleman is a former New York Times journalist. He wrote Emotional Intelligence.

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