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Why Jobs of the Future Won't Feel Like Work summary
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How will you pay your bills once technology nullifies your job? David Lee, vice president of Innovation and the Strategic Enterprise Fund at UPS, says not to count on a government solution. Instead, Lee calls on industry leaders to devise new work roles that machines can’t perform. In an inspiring talk, he urges employers to draw out uniquely human passions and skills – and provides a real-life success story. getAbstract recommends his talk to business leaders, human resources professionals and educators. 

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why the world may be heading toward a “jobless future,”
  • How industry leaders can prevent this outcome, and
  • How to unlock your employees’ uniquely human talents and creativity.

About the Speaker

David Lee is the vice president of Innovation and the Strategic Enterprise Fund at UPS.



Will increasingly smart technology culminate in a “jobless future”? Consider the self-driving car, which could eliminate the most prevalent job in 29 of 50 US states. Overall, the US economy may lose 25 million jobs to automation and artificial intelligence in the next decade. Moreover, the losses will extend beyond blue-collar industries to Wall Street and Silicon Valley. In response, some thinkers propose a government-sponsored universal basic income. But the divided US government is already struggling to reach consensus on funding health care and school lunches. A costly program like minimum income may be too lofty a goal for the government. Instead, industry leaders must prepare for this future by designing new types of jobs for which robots are ill-suited. Machines can replace many current jobs because humans conceived them narrowly, much like bygone factory roles: Positions center on a single task, like cashiering or driving, which also makes many jobs boring.

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