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How the Brain Is Shaping the Future of the Internet

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Wired for Thought book summary
Someday soon the internet will learn to think…maybe it already has.


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Brain scientist Jeffrey M. Stibel offers a bold, breezy examination of complex subjects related to his predictions about artificial intelligence and the future of the internet. He bases his forecasts on his understanding of the brain. Stibel moves smoothly among disciplines, writing confidently as a scientific observer. His useful perspective is interesting as well as entertaining. getAbstract believes a range of readers will find it relevant, including anyone intrigued by cyberculture, the internet’s future or the possibility of artificial intelligence, those interested in the nature of humanity and where its limits reside and, of course, futurists and investors.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How the internet is like a brain
  • Why this parallel matters
  • How the internet will develop toward independent intelligence


The Internet and the Brain
Having implants in your brain that let you turn on lights by thought alone probably sounds like science fiction. However, scientists are already performing experiments like “BrainGate,” which lets people “control electronics” with their minds. Such advances on...
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About the Author

Brain scientist and entrepreneur Jeffrey M. Stibel heads and chairs BrainGate, “a brain implant company that allows people to use their thoughts to control electrical devices.”

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