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Corporate Sustainability at a Crossroads

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Corporate Sustainability at a Crossroads

Progress Toward Our Common Future in Uncertain Times

MIT Sloan Management Review,

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Sustainability efforts work best if they are an essential part of your company’s strategy.

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What drives sustainable business practices and how can mainstream corporations learn from those who have succeeded at turning sustainability efforts into new business opportunities. MIT Sloan Management Review and The Boston Consulting Group joined forces to find out. Their report, which is based on surveys of tens of thousands of managers and interviews with more than 150 executives and thought leaders over the course of eight years, provides hands-on insights to leaders seeking to optimize their business strategy for social value.


Companies with successful sustainability strategies strive to make their business operations more sustainable over time.

While many companies have made strides in addressing corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues, corporate leaders in sustainability remain few and far in between. Political trends around the world jeopardize regulatory progress – for example, regarding climate change.

Although 90% of executives deem sustainability to be essential in remaining competitive, only 60% of companies have a sustainability strategy. Large multinational organizations have been performing better than smaller companies in the sustainability realm. Often, multinationals use the regulatory standards of the strictest country in which they operate and apply them across the board.

About the Authors

David Kiron, Gregory Unruh, Nina Kruschwitz are with MIT Sloan Management ReviewMartin Reeves, Holger Rubel and Alexander Meyer zum Felde are with the Boston Consulting Group.

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