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Creating a More Digital, Resilient Bank

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Creating a More Digital, Resilient Bank

Global Risk 2019

Boston Consulting Group,

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Banks that fully embrace digital agility will realize value at the expense of those that don’t.

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In an age of disruptive technologies, banking institutions must deploy digital agility to ensure their profitability and equip them to handle the challenges that shifting markets present. Experts at the Boston Consulting Group advise that firms can strengthen their operations, financial stability and regulatory compliance as they digitize. Executives, regulators and fintech professionals will glean insights from this wide-ranging yet concise analysis of the transformations taking place in the global financial sector.


Banking sector performance has waxed and waned since its recovery from the Great Recession.

Banks’ overall bottom line performance is back to its 2013 levels. Rising threats and operating costs are a drag on total economic profit, a metric adjusted for risks and capital costs. Low interest rates and nonperforming loans continue to plague European banks. Rising rates have helped North American banks, although increasing costs have dented their economic profit.

In the Asia Pacific region, the sector’s profitability has declined each year from 2015 through 2017. ...

About the Authors

Gerold Grasshoff et al. are professionals with the Boston Consulting Group.

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