Crushing It!

Crushing It!

How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence – and How You Can, Too

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Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk leveraged the Internet and social media to connect with customers. In so doing, he grew his family’s liquor business from $4 million in annual sales to $60 million and built a $150 million media business. Vaynerchuk explains how – given the ambition and the will to work incredibly hard – you can build your “personal brand” online and succeed on a grand scale doing what you love. He intersperses his advice with success stories from those who’ve followed his lessons. Anyone willing to embrace the hard truth about what it takes to succeed as a digital entrepreneur will benefit from Vaynerchuk’s honest, crude, hard-nosed advice.


Building Your “Personal Brand”

Anyone, including you, can build a personal brand on social media and exert enough influence to earn a good – and possibly fantastic – living doing what you love. People spend almost as much time on YouTube today as they do on TV, and they upload billions of photos to Snapchat every day. Even part-time posting – just two posts a week to 10,000 followers – can generate nearly $20,000 a year. You might earn millions if you have the dedication.

Creating your personal brand opens countless channels you can use to talk about any topic that inspires you – while you get paid for it. But it won’t come easily. First you must identify and use your skills. Making lots of money requires working nonstop. You can’t copy anyone; you must find your own path and use the principles of personal brand-building to build a following.

You don’t have to make millions to “crush it”; you crush it when you get to do what you love and earn the living you want while doing it. For example, while Amy Schmittauer was working to become a lawyer, she created...

About the Author

Gary Vaynerchuk used social media to build his father’s small New Jersey liquor store into a $150 million juggernaut. He ranks among the world’s foremost online influencers. To learn more about platform-building steps, such as “How to Network on Instagram Direct Message,” visit

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