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Kerckhoffs' Principle & Why Attack Is the Best Form of Defence


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When battling cybercriminals, sometimes the best defense is a good offense.

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Cybersecurity is of paramount importance for corporations, as cybercriminals continue to become more and more sophisticated. Villains hack their way into business computer systems, including customer records. This lively podcast from Euromoney’s series, Treasury and Turbulence, informs executives about the security practice of “radical transparency” that many companies are adopting. Some corporate leaders don’t like the approach, but in the end, it may be the most effective strategy for staying ahead of digital outlaws.


By 2021, the worldwide costs of cybercrime may reach as much as $6 trillion per year.

In the corporate world, fending off malicious hackers is a major priority. Cybercriminals make use of the latest technologies, like artificial intelligence, to identify and exploit the vulnerabilities in a company’s system.

Of course, any system is assailable. But older, complex architectures with patched legacy components are more susceptible to intrusions than newer structures because they have more hidden “back doors,” like...

About the Podcast

Euromoney magazine's podcast series, Treasury and Turbulence, features corporate treasurers discussing risk management issues.

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