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Dear Wonder Woman, You Are Not Alone

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Dear Wonder Woman, You Are Not Alone

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To overcome hardships, call on your superheroes and enlist the support of others.

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The more vulnerable you feel about something, the harder it is to talk about it. Yet leadership coach Jodi Womack argues that you should do so regardless. In a deeply personal and heartfelt speech at the US Air Force’s leadership conference LEDx 3.0 in Montgomery, Alabama, Womack opens up about her personal hardship to encourage others to do the same. Her uplifting speech will inspire you to reach out to others, whether to enlist their help or offer your own.


People find it difficult to talk about their personal struggles.

Many people find it difficult to say words like “I’m lonely” or “I’m depressed,” even though everyone experiences these feelings sometimes. People often put on a straight face and try to keep themselves together as they go about their day. Many tend to think that they have to overcome hardship on their own.

Yet articulating your feelings and opening up about your personal struggles can be very powerful. Leadership coach Jodi Womack decided to share her story about her own hardship to encourage others to do the same – and enlist all the support they can find.

Leadership coach Jodi Womack’s life took a turn when her mother was diagnosed with dementia.

Womack’s childhood hero was the comic book character Wonder Woman, who embodies beauty and strength. Womack’s real-life hero was her mom, Eileen, as she thought her mom had all of Wonder Woman’s characteristics. Besides caring for her two daughters, Eileen was actively...

About the Speaker

Jodi Womack is a leadership coach at Get Momentum and, together with her husband, Jason Womack, the author of two best-selling books on leadership.

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