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Defining Culture

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Defining Culture


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A start-up’s culture takes root fast, so its commitment to diversity must be clear from the beginning.

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The team from Project Include outlines how important it is for a new company to place diversity and inclusion front and center in defining its workplace culture from the outset, and articulates the values it must prioritize to get there. While the recommendations are aimed specifically at tech start-ups, the universal truths they contain could be easily extrapolated to other industries. getAbstract recommends this well-organized, easily digestible guide to CEOs, managers and human resource professionals who want to build a diverse, inclusive and satisfied workforce.


It is crucial for a young company to define its culture, articulate clear goals and measure progress from the outset. A company’s culture dictates the behavior and success of its employees and the organization itself. In order to be successful, company culture must be diverse and inclusive. A holistic approach to diversity and inclusion in the workplace must transcend ad-hoc initiatives and reflect a tangible, proactive culture that permeates all sectors. For example, codes of conduct or antiharassment policies alone are not enough to keep transgressions from happening. ...

About the Authors

Erica Joy Baker, Bethanye McKinney Blount, Tracy Chou, Laura I. Gómez, Y-Vonne Hutchinson, Freada Kapor Klein, Ellen Pao and Susan Wu are members of Project Include, an open community working to provide diversity and inclusion solutions for tech companies.

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