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The World Economic Forum conducted a yearlong cross-industry investigation of the global digital infrastructure. Its findings focus on the necessity of upgrading the infrastructure, allocating the spectrum, resolving IP connection conflicts, improving digital services, and addressing the realities of capacity in Europe, the US and developing countries. The report’s clear text and accessible graphics provide a comprehensive overview of the infrastructure challenge. getAbstract recommends this well-researched guide about the less visible, but crucial, aspects of the “digital ecosystem” to politicians, regulators, investors, executives, managers and start-ups.

About the Author

The World Economic Forum is an international institution that is devoted to improving the world through public-private cooperation.



“The Digital Infrastructure Imperative”

The Internet is a significant component in the lives of billions of people, and the digital economy grows 15% to 25% yearly. Many shareholders participate in infrastructure upkeep, including communications service providers (CSPs) and cable companies. Governments make policy, allot “spectrum” and set regulations. Digital growth is exponential and requires related infrastructure improvement. Authorities should lower bars to adding onto the “digital infrastructure,” and should support research and development within the “Internet ecosystem.”

“Developing Digital Services”

Services generated by connectivity drive economic growth at an unprecedented rate, stimulate economies and spawn new businesses. The governments of South Korea and Sweden, among others, are supporting digital projects. In the late 1990s, South Korea’s public and private sectors used information and communications technology (ICT) to make the country a major international participant in the digital economy. Sweden’s digital sector developed an all-inclusive broadband policy in partnership with the government. Fiber-optic broadband projects are going forward...

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