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Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service

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Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service


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To deliver service that knocks their socks off, you have to keep your thinking cap on.

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In Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service, Performance Research Associates - with some editorial help from Ron Zemke - highlight the main principles and techniques involved in providing great customer service and resolving customer problems. This lively book features many short chapters, cartoons, bulleted axioms and what-to-do examples. However, much of the information seems very familiar, like a juiced-up version of hints, tips and advice that have appeared in many other customer service books. Thus, it has a kind of déjà vu quality. While someone who is experienced in this field may find the information here too familiar, recommends this accessible volume as a great introduction to customer service.


Basic Principles of Great Service

"Knock Your Socks Off Service" is excellent, top-of-the-line, best-of-the-bunch, take-your-breath-away customer service. At this level, you carefully give each customer a favorable and memorable experience while you satisfy every need and expectation. You show customers that you are a pleasure to work with as you seek more ways to make them not merely satisfied, but delighted. Essentially, go the extra mile, and as you go, look for even more unique ways to provide excellent service.

Any organization needs good customer service and every employee must practice it. This is essential because any employee serving a customer represents the company to that person. "You are the company," so when you speak to a customer, say "I" rather than "We." For instance, if a customer has encountered a problem, don’t say, "We’re sorry." Instead, say, "I’m sorry you had that problem," to show that you personally understand and take responsibility for the problem. Use these guidelines to shape your thinking about customer service:

  • Consider what your customers need and expect from you and your company.
  • Think about how the other departments...

About the Author

Performance Research Associates is a consulting firm specializing in customer service. Individually and together, PRA’s principals have authored more than 40 books and thousands of articles. PRA has developed numerous seminars, training films and organizational assessment instruments. Founded in 1972, PRA consults with large and medium-size corporations and nonprofits. Its clients have included Glaxo SmithKline, American Express Financial Advisors, Prudential Insurance, Harley-Davidson, Dun & Bradstreet, Motorola, Universal Studios and many others.

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