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Designing B2B Brands

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Designing B2B Brands

Lessons from Deloitte and 195,000 Brand Managers


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What's inside?

The experts at Deloitte beautifully explain and illustrate B2B branding basics.

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This thick, striking B2B branding book by the experts at Deloitte is beautiful. The medium is the message – each page illustrates the company’s commitment to producing clean, consistent and appealing materials that represent the Deloitte brand. Handsomely designed text introduces the fundamentals of B2B branding across an international, multifaceted corporation. The book shares many pretty samples of Deloitte’s work, but doesn’t offer even a peek below the polished surface of its public B2B efforts. You will learn a lot from the guidelines presented in carefully constructed business-speak, but don’t expect a personalized version of the processes covered in the case studies. What you see is what you get, but what you see is useful and great looking. getAbstract recommends this cool branding book for your coffee-table collection.


“What Is Branding?”

Even marketing professionals have a difficult time defining branding. Some call it a “promise”; others call it a “culture”; and still others describe it as a combination of characteristics, identity, values and design. Branding is all of that and more, a sum that’s greater than each individual part. Branding is a strategic mix of the “tangible and intangible” that coalesces to form the “essence” of a company.

Deloitte is an international professional-services organization made up of accounting, tax and consulting firms united under the brand’s banner. The “Global Brand” team establishes protocols and continually evaluates and updates every element of the company’s brand strategy. Although the member firms have a variety of attributes and business models, they share a cohesive design and communication approach so they can deliver a universal Deloitte experience.

The 10 reasons why any organization needs a cohesive brand platform are:

  1. “Reputation strengthening” – A brand platform presents a positive image of your company’s brand.
  2. “Risk mitigation” – It clarifies the brand...

About the Authors

Carlos Martinez Onaindia is senior manager of the Global Brand team. Brian Resnick is associate director at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited. They offer brand consulting in 150-plus nations.

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